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The International Bioeconomy Conference ist a joint event of the ScienceCampus Halle – Plant-Based Bioeconomy and the Cluster BioEconomy. We are looking forward to receive your inquiries. Here you will find the latest press releases on International Bioeconomy Conference in Halle of the last years:


13.05.2019: "With challenge comes opportunity - Kick-off of the 8th International Bioeconomy Conference in Halle"

25.04.2019: "Letzte Chance: Anmeldung zur 8th International Bioeconomy Conference noch bis 30. April 2019 möglich"

18.03.2019: "Showcasing the bioeconomy": current events present bio-based products and research highlights

19.02.2019: Ready to launch: new projects ensure future viability of the bioeconomy

29.01.2019: A bioeconomy future through digital innovation

18.12.2018: Register now for the 8th International Bioeconomy Conference 2019


07.06.2018: Start of the conference coincides with rocket launch - biobased economy entices 200 participants to Halle

15.05.2018: International marketing opportunities in the Bioeconomy – from Saxony-Anhalt into the wider world

17.04.2018: The Future Through Interdisciplinary Competencies

15.03.2018: Contributing to the Future

16.02.2018: Future-oriented Tradition in the Bioeconomy with international networking

20.04.2017: New applications for bio-based raw materials and solutions from Germany

21.03.2017: Up to three million euros in funding - Leading-edge cluster in search of SME

15.02.2017: Dutch royal couple visited Leipzig for cooperation agreements

29.09.2016: Save the date: 6. Internationale Bioökonomie-Konferenz in Halle

02.06.2016: Saxony-Anhalt's key topic of the future: biobased economies

02.06.2016: Zentrales Zukunftsthema von Sachsen-Anhalt: Biobasiertes Wirtschaften

31.05.2015: Die INTERNATIONALE BIOÖKONOMIE-KONFERENZ geht in die fünfte Runde

08.05.2015: Sustainable, Bio-based and cost-effective? International Experts Discuss the Bioeconomy

08.05.2015: Nachhaltig, biobasiert und wirtschaftlich? Internationale Experten diskutieren über Bioökonomie

08.04.2015: Internationale Konferenz zur Bioökonomie: Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften beginnt beim Rohstoff



Your press contacts:

ScienceCampus Halle

Nadja Sonntag (public relation)
Telefon: +49 (0) 345- 5522 682
Telefax: +49 (0) 345-5527 222

BioEconomy Cluster

Anne-Karen Beck (Communicator)
Telefon: +49 (0)345 1314 2731
Telefax: +49 (0)345 1314 2729

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