Bioeconomy Conference | Partner Region

partner region 2019: South America

For the first time, the field of vision at the 8th International Bioeconomy Conference will be expanded to include developments in countries outside of Europe. South America benefits from an abundance of plant biomass. This makes Brazil one of the bioeconomy’s leading players and an important partner for Germany in terms of education and research.

One common research goal is the innovative and sustainable use of resources in the preservation of our environment. In other South American countries, the transition from a petroleum-based to a plant-based future in the timber industry and in bio-based chemical production is immensely palpable. Argentina’s government has also recognized the opportunities this would bring and is building four biorefinery pilot plants as part of its national plan "Argentina Innovadora 2020". Chile is developing sustainable utilization concepts for agricultural and forestry residuals as part of a BMBF research project.

Peru’s restrictive genetic engineering policy is primarily based on protecting biodiversity. The bioeconomy is providing an economic upswing on the South American continent. For this reason, South America will be the partner region of the 8th International BioEconomy Conference, with many renowned experts from there represented in 2019.

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