IAMO-Forum 2021

Agrifood systems in the bioeconomy

The transition to a bioeconomy is a potential game changer that may have a large impact on food and nutrition security, as well as on the ways in which agrifood systems are designed and operated. With breakthroughs in biotechnologies and a shift from fossil to renewable resources, the bioeconomy holds the potential to contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture and the countryside. At the same time, such game changing technologies and trends raise questions about the creation and evaluation of new markets and value chains, direct and indirect ecological effects at different scales and the effects of social inclusions and exclusion. Given that the bioeconomy is a relatively new field, there is significant demand for economic and interdisciplinary research to understand the potential of agricultural food systems in the transition to a bioeconomy.

The IAMO Forum 2021 will address the following topic areas:

  • Land and labor market effects of bio-based products
  • Land use effects of biomass production
  • Trade-offs between sustainable development goals in the bioeconomy
  • To own, to share or to cooperate? – social innovations in agrifood systems
  • Governance instruments and institutions of the bioeconomy
  • Bioclusters and regionalized value chains
  • The role of innovation policy in regional economic development
  • Economic effects of new bioeconomy crops
  • The place of the agricultural sector in the circular bioeconomy
  • No limits? – ethical and public debates around sustainability and new (bio)technologies


„Digital Incoming – BioEconomy“


The networking event „Digital Incoming – BioEconomy“ will take place digitally via Zoom at June 11, 2021 and will follow the „9th Bio Economy Conference“.

In addition to some interesting presentations by selected speakers from business, science and politics on topics such as " Biointelligent materials" and "Saxony-Anhalt: An innovative business location and its opportunities in the BioEconomy sector", we would like to give you the framework to network with interesting players from these fields and to exchange about current news.

At B2match, you can register for the event, customize your agenda, and book meetings with other attendees for the breakout session.




European Federation of Biotechnology

The event will take place from 10 to 14 May, 2021, and includes the following sessions:

  • Bioengineering & Bioprocessing
  • Sustainable Food Production - Farm to Fork Strategy
  • Introduction of the new „Bioeconomy Journal“
  • Environmental Biotechnology - Contribution to a circular bioeconomy
  • Biomaterials and Plastics
  • Medical and Biopharmaceutical
  • Biocatalysis: Cascade Reactions
  • Biocatalysis: Biohybrid Processes
  • Mastering Heterogeneity in Microbial Biotechnology

and plenary lectures:

  • Trish Malarkey: Feeding the Future
  • Christian Patermann: The Bioeconomy
  • Florian Krammer: Health
  • Jarrod E. Leland, Calum Russell, Lise Christina Deleuran: An efficient biopesticide to fully replace chemical pesticides


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